USAID Vietnam Leads

Thời gian: 2019 – 2022

Đối tác: Học Viện Chính Trị Quốc Gia Hồ Chí Minh 

Nhà tài trợ: Cơ quan Phát Triển Quốc Tế Hoa Kỳ (USAID)


Improving the quality of training programs of HCMA for senior provincial government officials with a focus on leadership and governance


Strengthening Vietnam-U.S. collaboration; USAID Vietnam Leads serves as the partnership between Indiana University-Bloomington, a leading U.S. educational institution in public affairs, and HCMA, Vietnam’s national center for mid-level and high-ranking government officials; Various professional development activities are deployed, including partnership in training, research and policy advocacy; A Hub for Provincial Leadership and Development will be established and based in HCMA.


Providing policy advice to local governments with an evidence-based policy-making approach through collaboration between international and national scholars and practitioners, and Vietnamese champion provinces; A Provincial Development Forum will be organized for local issues and initiatives to be shared and discussed among experts, policy-makers, and provincial top leaders

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