Local Development Dialouge 2022: Cultural Industry, Tourism & Local development

On the morning of November 26, in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province), with the theme: “Cultural industry, tourism and local development”, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics chaired in collaboration with USAID Vietnam, Indiana University (USA) and Sang kien Viet Nam organized the national forum “Local Development Dialogue 2022”.

Comrade Nguyen Xuan Thang – Politburo member, Director of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council chaired the forum. Attending and speaking at the Forum were Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Attending the Forum were more than 200 delegates who were leaders of provinces and cities and representatives of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 63 provinces and cities nationwide; a large number of experts, scientists at home and abroad…

The Local Development Dialogue is an annual forum, a channel for dialogue on local development issues, updates on achievements and difficulties in local leadership and regional linkage cooperation. The goal is to implement the local socio-economic development strategy, creating a driving force for the development take-off in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045.

The forum creates connections between the central and local levels, leading businesses, experts, senior researchers, international development organization; creating new driving forces for local development in accordance with the National Strategy, helping to activate potentials, clear bottlenecks, and promote breakthroughs for local development; share local initiatives for fast and sustainable growth.

Particularly for this 2022 forum, representatives of leaders from provinces and cities across the country and domestic and foreign experts will discuss issues and solutions to develop the cultural and tourism industry in association with development. local.

Addressing the forum and directing the forum, Comrade Nguyen Xuan Thang, Politburo member, Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, Director of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics said: Resolution of the Party Congress The 13th National Cultural Conference and the National Cultural Conference in 2021 have prominently demonstrated a consistent and cross-cutting point of view: Culture is the spiritual foundation of society, both a goal and an endogenous strength and motivation. important for the development of the country. Culture must be put on an equal footing with economy, politics, and society. Building and promoting Vietnamese cultural values ​​and human strength is an important driving force contributing to realizing the aspiration to develop a prosperous and happy country.

According to Dr. Xuan Thang, in the market economy, the cultural industry is the concentrated expression of the relationship between economy and culture; presented as a cultural industry and cultural ecosystem, creating added value in people’s enjoyment, the integration of material and spiritual life, meeting the diverse cultural needs of the class of the People. Developing this field is of great significance to help transform cultural soft resources into products on the market, promoting economic growth, spreading soft power, heritage and cultural characteristics of each locality, region, each economic region and country; make culture penetrate deeper, really become a dynamic pillar in the development of the economy.

However, this potential has not been fully exploited. There are gaps in terms of mechanisms and policies, especially those to promote innovation, many shortcomings, limitations. Sector development is still slow, uneven, not really sustainable and synchronous in localities. “It is a fact that, some provinces with precious cultural and natural heritages, revolutionary historical relics, are still only poor provinces in the country, with a development gap with priority provinces. Industrial development is becoming more and more spread out”- Comrade Nguyen Xuan Thang noted and asked: From the development reality of the local cultural and tourism industries, there are three important issues that need to be addressed. This forum is for sharing and discussion.

The delegates also listened to Comrade Nguyen Van Hung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, thematic information on the cultural industry, tourism and local development. In which, he affirmed that over the past time, our Party and State have issued many guidelines and policies on tourism development associated with local development. Among them is the Resolution 08-NQ/TW of the Politburo on developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector. Along with this Resolution, the Law on Tourism 2017 is also a very important document, contributing to tourism development associated with the conservation and promotion of the value of national cultural heritage, natural resources and exploitation of natural resources. position each locality as well as strengthen regional linkages (Article 4).

In addition to the above two documents, Decision 147/QD-TTg dated January 22, 2020 of the Prime Minister approving the Strategy for Vietnam’s tourism development to 2030 is the guiding document to develop the economic sector. tourism industry of the country now and in the coming years.

Also at the Forum, the delegates also heard 02 opinions of experts from Prof. Dr. Joana Woronkowicz, Indiana University USA on the topic “Economic development and cultural works” and Prof. Dr. Julia Gamster , RMIT University with the theme “Culture and Tourism: The Challenge of Creativity”.

Besides, the Forum also discussed the roundtable with the topic “Experiences in some localities”, and openly discussed the content related to the topic of this Forum and solutions to connect and develop the provinces.


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