Duration: 2017 – 2019

Partner: World Bank

The Digital Government Readiness Assessment aims to find out about the potential for digital government development in Vietnam by looking into 07 key dimensions: Leadership and governance; User focus; Business Process Change; Capabilities, cultures and skills; Shared infrastructure; Data-driven policy making, and Cyber security, privacy, and resilience.

The Open Data Readiness Assessment looks at Vietnam’s ecosystem for Open Data by examining eight (08) key dimensions: Senior Leadership; Policy/Legal Framework; Institutional Structure; Data within Government; Demand for Open Data; Civic Engagement and Capabilities for Open Data; Funding; and Technology and Skills Infrastructure. By examining the dimensions, the report provides the Government a realistic and holistic view to support efforts to move towards Digital Government and Open Data, and recommend a comprehensive action plan for the whole government and society.

The Digital Government Readiness Assessment and Open Data Readiness Assessment Report will serve as an important reference document for the Government of Vietnam, Ministries, agencies, and concerned organisations/entities in building on the results of E-Government development efforts so far and to continue to push the development of an enabling government and the digital economy.